Northfield TimeBank (Community Exchange)
To join the Northfield TimeBank, please:
  1. Fill out the form below and click the "Request Membership" button at the bottom.
  2. Remember the Username and Password you enter; you will need it later to log into the system!
  3. Mail your one-time nonrefundable $10 administrative fee (checks preferred, made out to "Transition Northfield") to:
    Transition Northfield, PO Box 414, Northfield, MN 55057
    (Note: You may reduce the fee to $5 if you are cannot afford the entire fee.)

You will receive an email after your account is activated, usually within 24 hours, but it may sometimes take a few days, depending on the schedules of our volunteers.

To allow us to administer the system, you must include your real name, street address (not a PO box), and your email address in this form:

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This time bank is sponsored by Transition Northfield.