Resiliency: Local Economy, How do we get there?

We tackled two questions in this community discussion: the WHAT? and the HOW? This is question #2.


2. How can we invigorate the current local economy and local businesses?

Create a directory of local businesses with local products.

Think about “what can I give” instead of “what can I get”.

Create supports for new businesses; incubator.

Start using Chamber Bucks and gift cards from local businesses.

Encourage more Division St. businesses that meet basic needs; practical stores.

Develop products that you could sell in local stores. Learn from the Amish.

Make incentives that encourage local producers, sellers, and consumers. Make rules and

laws that support these.

Create a local investment entity.

Create entry -level jobs and mentorships for high school graduates.

Set up a space to collect stuff for a Reuse store.

Publicize the Northfield Community Exchange.