Who and what is Transition Northfield and Transition movement

Transition Northfield is a small group of dedicated residents working towards the goal of building personal and community resilience to pressures from energy scarcity, climate change and economic volatility. We seek to better understand these issues, spread that knowledge to (our neighbors) others we are geographically bound to, and develop a specific plan for transitioning ourselves away from our destructive, unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels. We deeply believe that the efforts we make today will improve the world we will leave our children and it is imperative we act NOW.

Transition itself is a concept that emerged from a permaculture class in Ireland, and has since evolved into an international movement of citizens everywhere concerned with these very same issues, who acknowledge we are in a time of transition, and want to play a positive part in shifting our communities towards resiliency and true sustainability.

As of 2013, there are currently 458 initiatives in 38 countries. Northfield was the 46th US transition group to receive official status as a ‘Transition Town’.

To come:    As a model for grassroots, neighbor to neighbor civic engagement, transition has these shared attributes:


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