In Transition 1.0 has arrived!

I’ve received a copy of the movie “In Transition 1.0″ produced by the UK Transition Network; it is a wonderful and inspiring movie that will really help us get the message out about what Transition is!

The video has a brief, “lightweight” introduction to peak oil and climate change at the beginning and then quickly moves into footage showing what Transition groups are doing around the world in the areas of local food, education, the economy (e.g. local money), transport, government, etc.  It gives a very positive, visual, hands-on, inclusive description of Transition.  More information and a trailer is here:  In Transition.

Technical notes:  The movie is 50 minutes long.  It’s in the European PAL format, which cannot be played on most US standalone video players but can be played on most computers that have a DVD player (PC or Mac) so a public showing will require a computer and probably a digital projector.  We have an unlimited license to show it at public events but we’re not allowed to make copies of the DVD.