UK Transition group activities

There is an interesting summary of the history and activities of about 28 different Transition Initiatives in the eastern UK that you can download as a PDF document here:  Transition in the East (UK).   Very interesting reading to see what is working and what is not working; there’s an especially interesting “Transition Troubleshooting” section at the end that discusses some of the common issues and difficulties shared by Transition groups.

I was especially drawn to this description of Transition Cambridge because of the obvious commonalities with Northfield:  “Helped by being in a thriving university town with a tradition of strong green and grassroots activities, TC has a particularly strong food group…”  and “TC are presently forming a new training group for facilitators of Transition groups that will include Non-Violent Communication and a process known as Dream Weaving.”

Also, a number of the groups say they meet regularly for Transition Drinks…similar to our Transition Tea & Coffee, but at the local pub!