Bill McKibben reflects

I found this very thoughtful piece in my e-mail this morning. (TomDispatch is a site that explores post-9/11activity.) Although McKibben seems a bit sad, and who isn’t as we face what-is-to-be-done, I appreciate his ability to connect issues to non-inflammatory reality. His particular point about our culture not wanting to “give up” (what? TV? Crappy food? Oppressive work rules?… what are we giving up?) our lifestyles is all too accurate, IMHO. So, we (Peakists, Transitioners) continue to work on the creation of  the next version of American lifestyles. Fun, dancing, healthy food. Laughter, love and time to walk places. Some days, I got nothing more than vague visions of community…but I am convinced that is simply good enough.,_climate_change’s_o.j._simpson_moment/

Here’s to a great Wednesday.

Peace–Angel Dobrow