Survey of Rural Minnesotans….

Rural Minnesotans speak out! The Blandin Rural Pulse survey reveals while 65% believe a lack of quality jobs is an issue in their community, 81% are in support of renewable energy development, and 87% believe they can personally impact the quality of life in their community. 41% have never been approached to participate in leadership, from youth sports to local government to nonprofit work. Isn’t it time to have a LOCAL work party, where we come together at the table and over excellent food begin even better conversation about how we can work together to develop a local clean energy economy? And to follow up this party with many others that bring together our collective wisdom and begin the work of transforming our community into a place our children can stay after school because they can find meaningful, gainful work in our community? JOIN US ON NOVEMBER 12th at the Northfield Ballroom¬†for an information sharing session (6:30 pm), followed by a visioning and first steps community discussion (on the 13th at 9:00 am, UCC Church) and consider yourself invited to take leadership. WE ARE THE PEOPLE WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!