Community Exchange now open

br12The Northfield-area Community Exchange, which allows members to exchange goods and services among themselves without using money, is now up and running!  We currently have 13 members who have entered goods and services in 8 different categories such as “Caregiving”, “Food”, “Home and Garden”, and “Transportation”.  There are now 19 offers of things people are willing to give and 12 requests for things people are looking for (and for which the giver will receive credits).

For information or to join, click on the “Community Exchange” tab at the top of this page and then click on the link “About This Exchange”.

Note: this is not a true bartering system so you don’t have to give AND receive something at the same time.  All of the goods and services are given as gifts, with the giver getting a credit in hours for the time they spent creating the goods or performing the service.  Everyone starts with an initial balance of 25 hours so you can receive something even before you start giving.