Help make a Community Resilience Transition Plan

PlanSources“Regardless of [your community’s] size, you will find opportunities for building alliances…. find areas of common interest that are related to the goal of community sustainability and security regarding universal human needs: food, water, energy.”   — Richard Heinberg in “The Party’s Over”.  (Richard spoke at the Northfield Ballroom in November 2010.)

Transition Northfield has been wondering how we can help make our community more resilient: able to adapt and recover rapidly under difficult conditions. So, we’ve decided to host a series of public meetings to prepare a Community Resilience Transition Plan – an outline of local, workable, concrete action steps that we can take as a community and as individuals in response to our pressing issues related to energy, the environment, and economics.

As we create this plan together, we’ll also acknowledge the great work that has been done, and continues to be done, by various groups and individuals in the Northfield area. Our goal is to honor all of this work that contributes to our community resilience, and to provide a space for people to share and coordinate their efforts, resources, difficulties, and accomplishments as we take action.

At these community meetings, we’ll start with some plans that have already been created, such as the Northfield Energy Task Force Master Report, the Bay Localize Community Resilience Toolkit, and GreenStep Cities, and together, as a community, determine the action steps that make sense for the Northfield area today.