Resilience Plan – Energy

On December 3rd, 2011 we met to collect community input about energy-related action steps for our Community Resilience Transition Plan in three areas: personal conservation, community conservation, and community-based renewable energy.

The complete list of suggested action steps is available here: Energy Action Steps — and a few examples are shown below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our initial resilience plan meeting!

Personal conservation:

  • Compile a resource list and tool kit for weatherization.
  • Use energy audits and tools such as the Kill A Watt meter (available at Northfield library) for energy reduction.
  • Interview community elders about what life was like years ago with much less energy.

Community conservation:

  • Develop weatherization teams and work parties to improve energy efficiency of homes in our area.
  • Learn about conservation through classes such as the upcoming series at Just Food Co-op by Joe Gransee-Bowman.
  • Help set up service learning opportunities related to conservation.

Community-based renewable energy:

  • Support a proposal introducing PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) that will be presented to the city council in January.
  • Collaborate with the power companies to create community-owned renewable energy sources to help the companies meet their renewable energy goals and produce community resilience for Northfield.
  • Support Renew Northfield by helping to promote and partner with their activities.

Energy (use): Personal

Energy (use): Community Conservation