Resilience Plan – Food

On January 7th,2012 we met to collect community input and action steps for our Community Resilience Transition Plan in the area of Local Food.

The complete list of suggested action steps is available here: Food Actions — and a few examples are shown below.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this resilience plan meeting and in the follow-up meeting where there was some initial processing of the notes!

Sustainable Agriculture: a sustainable local food system that is ecologically sound, just, and meets the needs of consumers.  Proposed actions:

  • Encourage trading between neighbors.
  • Establish a local processing plant.
  • Behavioral changes through education that create consumer demand for local, sustainable produce.

Community agriculture: food grown within walking distance and distributed with the help of local policies and social networks such that food is accessible to all.  Proposed actions:

  • Local food directory/newsletter.
  • Northfield overall plan for local food.
  • Diversify local foods grown with varying ethnic backgrounds in mind.

Personal agriculture: what we can do as individuals and families.  Proposed actions:

  • Grow your own food.
  • Eat seasonally (with suggested recipes).
  • Identify vacant land that could be used to grow food.


Community resilience needs food.

Building a sustainable Agriculture… more info.

A view into the (possible) future.