Sustainable Living: Energy presentations

As one follow-up activity after our December 3rd community meeting on Energy, Joe Gransee-Bowman is giving the following sustainable living presentations on Saturday afternoons, from 1-2:30 p.m. in the Just Food Co-op Community Room in Northfield.  Fees for these classes are $15 per person, or $13 for owners of the Co-op.  Registration is required 72 hours before class time.  Register online at or in the store.

Improving Home Energy Performance, February 11

How does energy performance fit into designing a residential living system while integrating the needs for shelter, energy, and food? Learn about air sealing, weatherization improvements, safety concerns, and the services energy auditors and insulation crews provide.

Deep Energy Retrofits: Significant Home Energy Performance Improvements, March 10

The topic of residential living systems will begin with a discussion on how to integrate shelter, energy, and food. See examples of deep energy retrofits with renewable energy systems. Financing opportunities and challenges will be shared along with steps for pulling together vision, goals, and a team.

Passive House: Carbon Neutral Buildings, April 14

Start from the perspective of developing a new project for home owners as well as commercial buildings. The focus will be on the Passive House building energy standard, surpassing energy needs with surplus renewable energy production, and designing for year round food production.  Project planning and considerations will look at longer term benefits and impact of this type of new construction.

Rejuvenating Lifestyles, May 12

This is the culmination of the permaculture and home energy use sessions; looking at how to imagine the change and then turn the dream into a thoughtful action plan. Participants will develop target goals and objectives for transitioning from a heavy energy consumption way of living to one that enriches personal living choices, working in community, and increasing resilience at home and in the community. This session will highlight opportunities for participants to identify next steps and affirm their capacity to successfully achieve their commitments for living as inspiring mentors and stewards of our planet.

This series is presented with support from Just Food Co-op.