The Economy: February 4, 2012

Join us Saturday February 4th for a discussion on the economy from 9-11am at the UCC church located at 3rd and Union in Northfield. We will explore what other transition communities are doing to create their own local economies, and brainstorm what we can do in Northfield to expand on how we can meet our needs locally. We will talk about how our local economy relates to reduce, repair, recycle and re-imagine as well as local infrastructure, local investments and equal opportunities for all to receive and contribute goods/services for each other as a community. Attendees will have opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas on how we can take back our economy and meet our needs locally on both a personal and community scale.

We will take stock in the great work that has already been done by all those who shop at local merchants and support our local economy and will explore new ways of thinking that can benefit all of us. To do this we will break into smaller groups, brainstorm and create workable action steps that businesses, future business , consumers and the community can put into action. We want to coordinate efforts and resources to ensure that Northfield continues to be a vibrant, healthy and welcoming community.
Please join us!