Transition Youth Activities

Transition Youth are currently working with the city of Northfield’s pilot composting project, raising awareness, promoting, and making the practice of composting more accessible to people in the community.  They will be talking to folks at the Way Park Harvest Festival event on this Saturday Oct 26th From 5pm- 7pm. Please come to carve a pumpkin and to learn more about how you can help support this project so it can succeed city wide.

Transition Youth are also on the steering committee for Northfield’s Climate Summit coming up on Jan 18th 2014. We hope to have their perspective on a panel and have them lead a small group action session as well.

Transition Youth are in the initial stages of planning for Northfield’s 2014 Perennial Earth Day Celebration. This will be the 4th annual celebration where our youth have taken leadership roles in planning and executing this amazing event.   Anyone interested in helping out this year to be a part of this intergenerational team contact

One of Transition Youths ongoing projects is to create raised beds for “Free Food Help Yourself” They have teamed up with area farmers to plant leftover seedlings every spring in several of these vegetable gardens that they have created around town. Neighborhood family’s sign up to take care of the garden.  If you are walking by…feel free to tend to them and glen from them as well.