Nov. 12: Move Beyond Coal

Nov. 12: Move Beyond Coal

DATE: Tuesday November 12th


LOCATION:  First UCC 300 Union St NF

Join Transition Youth at First UCC for an evening of action to move beyond coal on November 12th!

Tuesday, November 12th is a state-wide day of action to call upon Excel Energy to invest in clean energy. Two Sherco coal plants in northern MN are outdated.  Excel will choose to either rebuild them, or close them down and invest in clean energy.  By creating this day of action the Sierra Club is putting pressure on Excel to make the cleaner choice.  Come to the 1st UCC 300 Union St. to inundate Excel with phone calls, social media posts, and to pose for a group photo at 7:00 to show your support for clean energy.  The photo is a visual petition that will be sent through the Sierra Club to Excel.

If you want to get a head start on the social media action or can’t attend Tuesday, cut and paste one of the following paragraphs into your status on Facebook and post it (make sure the status is public).  If you are on Twitter, tweet one of the posts at the bottom of this page.


Across the US people are organizing to #ActOnClimate, here in Minnesota we are working to retire the largest polluter in the state, the Sherco coal plant. This is a chance to improve public health, protect our environment and #ActOnClimate. @Xcel Energy Minnesota move #BeyondCoal and invest in a #CleanEnergy future we can be proud of. #ForgeAheadMinnesota

I care about the health, safety, environment and communities across Minnesota that are suffering from coal plant pollution. Minnesota has the chance to be a leader in clean energy. We need our utilities like @Xcel Energy Minnesota and @Minnesota Power to retire the remaining dirty coal plants and replace them with clean energy options we can be proud of. #ForgeAheadMinnesota #ActOnClimate


Tell @XcelEnergyMN to replace Sherco 1&2 coal burning with #cleanenergy. #Minnesota’s largest #polluter doesn’t belong in our future.

Move #Minnesota #BeyondCoal to #CleanEnergy. Our state deserves better. We need our utilities like @XcelEnergyMN and @minnesotapower to lead

Youth across #Minnesota are organizing to #ActOnClimate & create a #CleanEnergy future. @XcelEnergyMN, it’s time to retire #Sherco 1&2.

This post written by Transition Youth of Northfield

(Transition Youth recently got home from the amazing Powershift Conference in Pittsburgh and are fired up to share how important it is for all of us to transition into using renewable energy now!)