Transition Northfield is proud to be the developer of the Northfield TimeBank (formerly Community Exchange), a unique tool for sharing skills, goods, and services with the members of your community.

Unfortunately, the TimeBank is not active at this time… perhaps it will return in the future!

How Does A Time Bank Work?

  • On the web site, members list services or homemade goods they are willing to give or receive.
  • Members contact each other to arrange a service and agree on how many hours it is worth.
  • The giver performs the service or provides the goods.
  • On the web site, the receiver records the service, which credits the giver and debits the receiver for the agreed on number of hours.
  • The web site keeps track of each member’s account balance (in hours).
  • Everyone’s time is valued equally, no matter what service is performed or what goods are given.

Community Exchange Overview


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  1. adobrow
    adobrow April 11, 2013 at 1:22 pm ·

    Here is a piece of news from MN350.org–also starting a barter/exchange network http://www.mn350.org/updates-from-the-barter-to-cash-network-coordinator/

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