Resilient Households

Welcome to the Resilent Households page for Northfield! Our purpose is to:

  • Develop personal, household, and community resiliency through book, article, and short film discussions

  • Create a supportive group for people who are exploring new thinking and skills for an unknown future

  • Educate the Northfield community about transition topics in a face-to-face, in-depth club format.

Unfortunately, the Resilient Households groups are no longer meeting; this page remains as a partial record of what we did.

Here is a list of the books we have discussed, as well as tentative plans for upcoming books.

Month Title
December 2012 The Agenda Restated by Kunstler, reading from Thinking in Systems by Meadows
January 2013 Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
February 2013 The Resilient Gardener by Carol Deppe
March 2013 Collapse, a National Geographic movie
April 2013 World Made By Hand by Kunstler
May 2013 Eaarth by McKibben
June 2013 Beyond Civilization by Quinn
July 2013 Independence Days by Astyk
August 2013 Asking the Hard Questions (article) by Greer
September 2013 Green Washed–Why We Can’t Buy Our Way to a Green Planet by Kendra Pierre-Louis
October 2013 Linda Frost book
November 2013 Post Carbon Reader: Part Nine Economy and Part Fifteen Building Resilience
December 2013 $100 Holiday Bill McKibben
January 2014 Movie–Payback Margaret Atwood