Assessment Tools

A few links to help assess your own resilience:

From the Air Force

This is how Sustainable Berea (a transitioning town group in Kentucky) describes it:

Preparations to make a household more resilient fall into two categories:

1. Changes that allow the household to function long-term on lower inputs and less cash outflow. Examples include insulating the house, installing low-flow water fixtures, and cutting back on purchases of nonessential consumer goods.

2. Emergency preparations to maintain functions during shorter periods of complete cut-offs of certain inputs. Examples include a two-weeks supply of water stored in jugs, a wood-burning stove and a pile of seasoned firewood, a well-stocked pantry, and keeping a week’s worth of cash on hand.

3. A beginning checklist

Some community resilient testing tools from GreenStep Cites.

See Indicators of resilience: food, ideas generated from community discussion.